on becoming a therapist

Born and raised in Chicago, I made my way West to attend UCLA, where I earned my bachelors degree and secondary teaching credential. I taught junior and senior high school in Burbank for twelve years, where I gained much experience, success, and enjoyment of working with teens. My casual style helps children and teens open up and feel comfortable and more receptive to therapy.

Feeling the need for a change, I obtained my master’s degree in marriage and family therapy and then moved to Northern California to complete my internship. I became a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in 1985.

I began my private practice doing group therapy based on the book, Women Who Love Too Much, by Robin Norwood. This book sparked my interest in co-dependency and teaching skills for healthy relationships. Eventually, these groups included both men and women. I have facilitated dozens of these groups over the years and they have been the motivation for creating materials for teaching relationship skills and personal improvement. My file cabinet is filled with handouts to teach clients the skills they did not learn growing up and hands-on ways to understand and practice these skills. Group therapy is only one of the services I provide.

Helping others for over 30 Years

In my 30 years of practice I have expanded my skills through several thousand hours of continuing education in various aspects of counseling. This variety of education has enabled me to expand my knowledge and practice and create more teaching materials.

In 1994 I trained in using EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) for the treatment of childhood and adult trauma, loss, abuse, phobias and fears, behavioral and emotional issues, some of which have held on for years without being healed.

EMDR has transformed my ability to help clients find lasting resolutions of serious problems. For eighteen years I have used EMDR to help hundreds of clients recover from what has held them back personally and in relationships, so they can have a more promising future. Please use my home-page to access detailed and comprehensive information on EMDR.